There’s Capital.
Then there’s Intellectual Capital.™

Got me the loan when no one else could. Knows I like my withdrawals in crisp $50 bills. Extended my line of credit because I landed a big order. At Fidelity Bank, it’s called Intellectual Capital. Our clients benefit from long-term relationships with bankers who have an in-depth knowledge of their business and business banking. That Intellectual Capital translates to quicker reactions to business needs, anticipating issues and providing creative financial solutions.

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Proactively Manage Risk With Argos Risk
Argos Risk 2

Argos Risk Online is the first online service to provide an easy, actionable and affordable method for continuous monitoring for your business creditworthiness and financial health, combined with a credit alert system. Argos Risk Online is a credit risk management solution that helps you stay ahead of problems. Argos Risk Online delivers the tools that let you determine which customers, vendors, prospects and potential business sectors are good risks and those that aren’t.