Statement of Condition

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to share with you our annual statement of condition for 2012. We enjoyed another successful year and are pleased to have been awarded a 5-Star rating by BauerFinancial, one of the nation’s leading bank rating and research firms. To earn this rating, a bank must excel in the areas of capital, asset quality and profitability.

A big reason for our success is the continued solid performance of our customers, whose loyalty to Fidelity remains strong. We are gratified to see more of our customers performing well and growing, given the economic downturn is still only a few years behind us. With the continued low interest rate environment, our mortgage business was very strong in 2012, which had a positive impact on our total assets and overall performance.

Our staff remains a key driver of our success. The professionalism and dedication of our employees was on display throughout 2012 and is a major reason why I’m able to report such strong results to our customers again this year. We hope 2013 is a successful year for you and your business.

Thank you for choosing Fidelity Bank!


Charles R. Mueller


ASSETS 2012 2011 2010
Cash and Due from Banks $19,465,509 $11,671,521 $ 5,076,422
Investments $44,958,965 $58,199,165 $27,337,545
Mortgage Loans Held for Sale $225,514,211 $161,332,974 $163,954,580
Net Loans $198,190,066 $164,332,974 $142,861,687
Goodwill and Intangible Assets $27,565,533 $28,084,496 $28,603,459
Other Assets $7,193,824 $6,769,786 $6,042,904
TOTAL ASSETS $522,888,108 $430,149,145 $373,876,597
Deposits $352,213,399 $271,023,863 $236,923,227
Borrowing and Other Liabilities $95,121,636 $88,272,238 $70,221,737
Shareholder's Equity $75,553,073 $70,853,044 $66,731,633
TOTAL liabilities and shareholder's equity $522,888,108 $430,149,145 $373,876,597