Statement of Condition

Dear Clients, Friends, and Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to share with you our 2016 Statement of Condition. Fidelity Bank experienced a very successful year and continues to be in excellent financial health with quality loans, stable deposits, and strong capital.

We are thankful for the long-standing relationships with our clients and are delighted to see them continue to prosper over the past year. As the financial services market evolves, we remain focused on our two primary niches of commercial relationships and mortgage warehouse funding. Both continue to require investments in technology and human capital. Over the years, Fidelity Bank has invested in technology upgrades, and we plan to continue enhancing our services and products into 2017.

While we are energized by the changes in technology, we understand that technology alone is not enough. The quality and dedication of our employees remains the primary driver of our success. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our team and our passion for helping our clients achieve their goals.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to helping you grow and succeed in 2017.


Charles R. Mueller – President/CEO


ASSETS 2016 2015
Cash and Due from Banks $ 9,495,046 $ 8,239,638
Investments $ 59,548,197 $ 60,353,391
Mortgage Loans Held for Sale $ 147,860,520 $ 151,814,525
Net Loans $ 251,204,751 $ 244,087,953
Goodwill and Intangible Assets $ 26,746,905 $ 26,746,905
Other Assets $ 2,967,276 $ 3,330,712
TOTAL ASSETS $ 497,822,695 $ 494,573,124
Deposits $ 414,015,187 $ 402,801,327
Borrowing and Other Liabilities $ 3,969,131 $ 13,065,925
Shareholder's Equity $ 79,838,377 $ 78,705,872
TOTAL liabilities and shareholder's equity $ 497,822,695 $ 494,573,124