Vice President
(952) 830-7293
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A devoted networker on behalf of clients and Fidelity, Steve works with privately owned companies in manufacturing, distribution and services - early stage to mature. He views himself as a champion for his clients' growth, providing creative lending solutions, relevant introductions to other qualified professionals, and invitations to industry events.

"I strive to be a problem solver when it comes to my clients' business needs. The key to a successful banking relationship is being more open with communication than simply sharing only required monthly or quarterly financial information. It's important for banker and client to look forward together so the business is prepared to meet the owner's financial objectives."

“Steve has been a wonderful counselor and steady hand throughout the last 4 years. He forwards ideas and quality opportunities to help us strengthen our business. Navigating the banking industry is not intimidating with Steve.”
“Steve and our CPA firm have several mutual clients. Steve is a pleasure to work with as you get a very professional, friendly attitude when trying to solve our clients’ problems. I have and will continue to refer our business clients to Steve.”
Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)
Club Entrepreneur
U.S. Masters Swimming
University of Minnesota (B.S.) 1998
Austin, MN
Hobbies and Interests
Soccer, Swimming, Running
Vinyl record collection