Free Account Alerts

Introducing a new Account Alert service that helps you manage your money. Now you can setup alerts that will notify you via email or text on the status of your checking and savings accounts through Online Banking.1

You can be notified when any of the following events occur to your checking or savings account:

  • A check has posted to your account.
  • An automatic debit or credit has posted to your account
  • Your account balance has dropped below a target balance.
  • An incoming Wire Transfer has posted to your account.
  • Your Ready Reserve line has advanced to your account.

It's easy to sign up when you're enrolled in Online Banking. Simply choose which alerts you want on each account you have enrolled online and where you want them sent.

Just follow these simple instructions:

Consumer: Log onto Online Banking, select one of your accounts. Click the Events tab.

Business: Log onto Online Banking, select Account Services from the menu bar, then select Account Alerts.

  1. Choose between a DDA event or SAV event.
  2. Click the Setup New Alert link.
  3. Select a type of Alert from the drop down box, then click Next.
  4. Fill in the Alert information.
  5. Select the Send To notification method from the drop down box and supply the email address or mobile phone number that the Alert will be sent to
  6. Click the Finish tab
  7. Click the Done button.
  8. To change an Alert, click Edit on the applicable Alert, make your changes, and click Finish
  9. To delete an Alert, click Delete on the applicable Alert

Click here for information on Managing Alerts
Click here for Account Alerts Terms and Conditions

1Alerts are available only for accounts that are in the Online Banking service and do not substitute for account statements or other notices from us. Alerts received on your mobile access device may incur charges from your mobile service provider.