Get It Together - Consolidate Your Business Systems

Small Business Trends - Megan Totka (04/08/14)

As your company grows, you add more processes, software, and people. If you haven’t been proactively streamlining all along, you may be surprised to find that your systems are complicated and redundant.

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7 Lessons in Harmony for Family Startups - Christopher Hann (04/03/14)

According to the SBA, 90 percent of small businesses are family owned and operated. To help startup 'treps plot their own course to success, we consulted the Hubers and other entrepreneurs, as well as consultants and professors, and came up with seven essential lessons that every new family business should learn.

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When Your Employees Are Millennials and Your Customers Are Boomers - Tom Borg (03/28/14)

Within the last 10 years, there has been a shift in the way that younger generations interact with their friends and family. With the onslaught of technology, communication skills have shifted. For instance, young people today heavily depend on texting as a way of communicating. And the time spent communicating person-to-person has been drastically reduced.

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High Performance Is Not the Same as High Potential - Adam Vaccaror (03/18/14)

Strong performance and the results it carries are all well and good, of course, but it does not necessarily indicate that an employee will make a good leader.

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So Much Potential, So Little Investment: Why Great Talent Languishes - Adam Vaccaro (03/08/14)

If talent is so important, why aren't more companies investing in leadership development?

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3 Practical Tips for Managing Expectations - Janine Popick (03/04/14)

Managing expectations is a vastly underutilized skill, in my opinion. Not everyone does it, but maybe if more did, we could avoid a lot of the day-to-day drama that goes on in every office.

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5 Easy Ways to Building a Better Backup Strategy

Biztech Magazine - Jason Holbert (02/24/2014)

While large enterprises have the resources of an entire IT department behind them, these simple solutions can work with an army of one.

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4 Things New Entrepreneurs Must Learn About Sales and Marketing

Small Business Trends - Al Davidson (02/23/14)

Entrepreneurs are a special breed – they are risk takers, innovators, and problem solvers. They are often enthusiastic, passionate and willing to stand up for their beliefs. But many entrepreneurs struggle with sales and marketing. If you’re one of these new entrepreneurs getting ready to launch your company, pay attention to these tips on how to get your sales and marketing done right.

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Marketing By Video

Steve Stoup, SVP/Marketing and Business Development, featured in the July issue of ABA Marketing News. The article, “Marketing By Video”, highlights Fidelity Bank’s use of video in their marketing and business development efforts. Steve discusses how he made the decision to discontinue print advertising and focus on video and the results so far.

Lender Finds a Winning Strategy

May 11, 2012 | Chuck Mueller discusses how Fidelity Bank's approach to banking helped it thrive through the financial crisis and recession.
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